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PME Powersolutions, a pioneer in the electrification industry, brings you the innovative concept of HV / MV MOBILE SUBSTATIONS with customised design solutions to meet your exact needs

Mobile substation or portable substation is a completely self-contained trailer mounted substationwith capacities upto 132 kV. It carries on board HV Equipments | Power Transformer | Auxiliary Transformer | High Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear | Surge Protection | Several LV Panels | SCADA Panels | Metering Equipment | Relay Panel | Control & Protection Panels | Auxiliary Services Panels | Diesel Generator | AC and DC Auxiliary Power Supply | Telecom Panels | Cooling Equipment | Cable Connecting Arrangement


High Voltage Section

  • Lightning Arrester
  • Disconnect Blades
  • HV Breaker

Transformer Section

  • HV Bushings
  • Core type Transformer
  • Forced Oil and Air Cooling (FOA)
  • DCT
  • LV Bushings

Low Voltage Section

  • Fused Disconnect Switches Cabinet
  • Auxiliary Transformer
  • LV Breaker
  • Lightning Arrester
  • Power Fuses
  • Substation Metering, Control and Protection cabinet
  • Trailer Chassis
  • Cable Reels


Situations in which Mobile Substations provide the ideal solutions

  • During refurbishment or maintenance for a complete or partial substation where it is must to take out of service for a period of time.
  • In the event of main equipment failure without quick replacement capability.
  • In case of natural disasters or unpredictable events such as floods, fire, earthquakes.
  • Transmission line freeze where the electricity supply is must or utility wants to reduce revenue losses in these situations.
  • Quick assembly and startup situations, where the mobile substation needs to be installed and commissioned in a few hours.
  • Temporary needs, as in the case of peek load periods where the electrical distribution network is weak, so the Mobile substation could serve as the stand by unit.
  • In case of any delay in construction or completion of the designed plant building Mobile substation can be used due to it's compactness. The Mobile Substation can be installed without specific civil work.
  • To avoid the expense of making large investments in a temporary primary / secondary substation which will not be used after the completion of work.
  • It could be used for Primary Distribution in the isolated area to avoid any premature investments or build oversize plants..
  • Stand- Alone solution where the mobile substation could be Installed in severe climatic condition and faraway regions and could be controlled and monitored remotely via dispatching Centre .

  • ms-fire
  • ms-water
  • ms-break

Research & Development

Our Research & Development department is always reviewing and studying the best suitable solution for each component of the mobile substation according to the proposed deployment. All the relevant standards (IEC or ANSI, ISO, etc.) are strictly adhered to while designing the substation, based on the client's requirements, as stated in the contractual references, and the existing network specifications at the final destination. Our team's prime concerns while building the customised MSS are the climatic conditions of the end location, transport conditions, Installation constraints and safety of operators and equipments.

  • For the MV switchgear and according to the client requirements and voltage level, we can supply air insulated switchgear, AIS or GAZ insulated switchgear which can reduce the minimum width dimensions of the switchgear by upto 40 %.

  • rnd
  • The Control & Protection domain is one of the most evolutionary domain where, in short time lapses, you can notice improvements in the range of products and technologies used
  • With regards to Protection Devices we have redesigned the mobile platform for the use of Numerical Component Protection Devices instead of Mechanical Duty Devices, achieving more advance and sophisticated functions and controls
  • Power backup solutions are provided according to client requirements. We can design either a room dedicated for the batteries or a complete low maintenance sealed battery charge system mounted in a single cubicle

Assembly, Testing & Instalation

  • The complete in house set up for study, design, manufacture, erection, training and deployment ensures shortest possible delivery schedules.
  • A complete factory test program is done on each MSS where it will be tested at factory so that only minor inspection & tests will be needed at final destination. The test carried out after construction and before despatch are :
  • Function Test
  • HV, MV and LV equipment Test according to the supplier ecommendation
  • Electrical Fault simulation
  • Control, Protection and voltage Regulation Tests
  • Auxiliary service test
  • Energizing Test
  • We have a large parking area which allows PME to build a large number of trailers at the same time and continuously.
  • The installation of the mobile substation in its final destination is done as a Plug & Play solution.
  • The installation at final destination requires the minimum possible civil works.
  • All the mobile substations are delivered with Erection and Maintenance Documents. One of the most important documents is the General Instructions Document that should be entirely read carefully before installation in order to prevent damages of equipment's and wrong interventions of operators.
  • For the LV cables the connections are designed as Plug-Socket connections.
  • For the MV cables, the reels can be controlled manually or by an electrical motor to ensure ease of operations and quick plug in at the termination point.
  • The in house manufacturing strength is backed up with a customer centric after sales support and service. If and when there is a problem on site, a team would be despatched immediately to investigate the problem and provide corrective solutions within shortest possible downtimes.

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